Welcome to the homepage of Shellback Software! It’s not a real company, I promise. I’m just a solo developer that is very proud of his service, and thought that the name had a nice ring to it!
Please ignore the default Drupal look of the site - I'm working on redesigning it right now, so thank you for bearing with me! If you'd like to see what my current progress is on the redesign, you can see the staging domain at d8.shellbacksoftware.com. Don't create anything there or edit your profile, as it's very much a dev environment, and I'll be wiping the database often as I test new features in a server environment!
You can also find my coding style (as well as the source code for my projects) over on my GitHub page.
If you’re here for a certain project, navigate to the “Projects” page. If you’re here for my current flagship project “Track Your Rack”, follow that link to the main page. If you really want to know more about me, I’ve typed up a quick overview in my “About” page.